Somewhere in Between



Soon and too soon

you’ll turn twelve.

Ten and two

Six and six

Eight and three and one.


One. Milky baby breath

now morning breath at twelve,

the love in my lap

no longer in need of much sleep.

Now it’s me who is tired.

You watch me rest,

there, somewhere in between.


I miss the Legos, a thousand towers

now boxed and given away.

How do we make the pieces fit

when the outlines and sizes and edges

of us are aging and always new?


Your voice, the chords now papery,

sings a song within a sentence.

It takes me back to one,

then throws me forward to you.

I stumble there, held in love

of your somewhere in between.


Tall now

and leaning against my shoulder,

I see that our feet are the same.

I slide mine neatly next to yours,

baby toe against baby toe

and nothing in between.




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