Trees are Burning in Siberia
by the hectares click, scan, and close. Images deeply rooted Heart beat rises red, ripe tomatoes from someone’s garden freshly washed, feeling lighter
a quarter of humanity is running out of water.
Someone’s headed to Lisbon from NYC along a dotted trajectory, British Airways cabin fills with unidentified white smoke, breathe
Three “friends” marked themselves “safe” in El Paso. Global reaction to U.S. shootings draws mounting criticism
from some analysts. Trump tweets. Trump Tweets. Wag the dog. dog for adoption, seeking a loving home.
A filtered photo of sun flowers, golden Small children kept in cages, over walls, behind bars, secret, secret. Tears. Don’t you dare
keep going. It’s all about mental illness. The right to bear arms. Go back where you came from. seeking a loving home.
A recipe for no-bake vegan granola bars made with honey
bees could save the planet, pesticides and plastics banned, plant more trees, plant more trees. Toni Morrison dies at 88 Beloved voice of black identity, rest in glory word worrior woman Liked by millions.
Shared and shared In solitude. In solidarity.

©2019 Ellen Rowland

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